Advice for the Unemployed

In the last few years, the rate of unemployment has soared in the U.K, especially amongst young adults. During a recession many companies are making employment cuts and the competition for jobs is extremely high; there are jobs out there though. The following articles will provide advice and tips which will help during the job seeking process.

CV and interview tips

Employers receive hundreds of CVs so it is important to try and stand out and sell yourself as much as possible. Try to include any additional skills you may have, as well as the routine educational qualifications and employment history. Choose people you know well to act as referees and apply for jobs which you know you can do; there is little point in responding to an advert where you don’t meet the employer’s criteria. Many people get very anxious before and during an interview; try to keep calm and think positively. Take care to think before you answer the questions and try to establish a relationship with the interviewer. Make sure you look professional; most people judge others within 10 seconds of meeting them so first impressions are extremely important. Be polite but try to interact with the interviewer and convey your personality.

Help with job seeking

There are several ways of looking for a job. There are hundreds of websites that are specifically designed to advertise jobs, as well as jobs sections in local and national newspapers and magazines; many people also register with recruitment agencies that are able to assess your skills and put you forward for relevant jobs. Job centres employ people to discuss your skills and career aspirations; these agents are then subsequently able to look for relevant work for you. It may also be useful to send off your CV to any companies you think you would like to work for; many do not accept speculative applications but some do.

Financial support for job seekers

There is financial support available for those who are actively seeking work; this comes in the form of job seekers allowance and is worth roughly £40-£50 per week depending on where you live. Details of job seekers allowance can be obtained from your local job centre or local authority; there are also details on the Government’s DirectGov website. You will be required to attend regular reviews and provide evidence that confirms you are looking for work in order to receive your allowance.


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