Adult education

College courses

Many adults find the thought of going back to education very daunting; there are however, now a number of different options for adult education out there. Many colleges run both daytime and evening classes where you can re-take examinations or do some you may not have done when you were younger. There is a huge range of courses available at most local colleges and the timing is usually very flexible; these courses are usually inexpensive. Many of these courses involve a couple of sessions per week so you will not really feel like you are at college.


Many older people return to university to do an undergraduate or postgraduate course as a mature student. Many courses are fairly flexible and you may be able to carry on living and working as you were before the course.

Open University

Open University courses allow you to follow courses as well as working and most are available online; this gives you a great deal of flexibility and means you can study without changing your normal routine. The range of courses available is vast.

Financial help

If you want to pursue a course but are afraid of the costs involved you may be pleased to find out that the Government offers financial support for some routes of adult learning. If you are taking level 2 or 3 qualifications, you may be able to claim an adult learning grant, which will usually be about £30 per week. You may also be eligible to apply for a professional and career development loan if you are pursuing a vocational career. You may also be able to apply for financial help with childcare costs during your studies.


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