Children’s Health

Children are more vulnerable to illnesses as their immune systems are not fully developed.

Common illnesses

Coughs, colds and high temperatures

The most common illnesses include coughs, fevers and colds. Colds are caused by a viral infection and therefore cannot be treated; however, keeping fluids up and getting plenty of rest may help the body to fight off a cold. High temperatures are often a side effect of another illness which may include colds, ear aches or more serious conditions such as meningitis; over the counter pain relief will often help to bring a child’s temperature down but if it is extremely high you should consult a medical professional as quickly as possible. A normal temperature should be around 38 degrees Celsius; if the temperature is significantly higher, you should consult a doctor immediately. Keeping your home as clean as possible, ensuring children eat a good diet and keeping them wrapped up in the cold will help to decrease their chances of becoming ill.

Asthma and eczema

Asthma and eczema are also common in children but are treatable using special medications. If you child suffers from asthma you should ensure they have their medication with them at all times. Most children grow out of both asthma and eczema, although some may suffer with the conditions throughout their lives. Keeping your house clean and dust-free can improve your child’s asthma.

Exercise and diet

You should encourage your child to take part in exercise and eat a healthy diet as early as possible; this will foster good habits which will stay with them throughout adolescence and adulthood. Try to involve children in food preparation and cooking and try to exercise as a family; this doesn’t need to be formal, it may involve running around in the garden or playing a game of football for example. Children should be encouraged to try a number of different activities; these may include ballet, swimming, gymnastics, tennis, football or martial arts for example; this will keep them fit as well as encouraging them to try new things and meet new people. Excelling at an activity will build ambition and increase self-confidence.


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