Financial support for families

There is a wide range of Government financial support available for families; examples of these benefit schemes are outlined below:

Jobseekers allowance

Jobseekers allowance is available to all those who are actively seeking work; people who claim benefits while looking for employment should continue to look for work while receiving the payments and are required to attend interviews at the job centre and provide proof that they are seeking employment. The jobseekers allowance payment is usually about £50 per week although it may be higher in certain areas of the country and will generally be higher if you are a parent or are living alone.

Child tax credit and child benefit

These are payments made to parents or guardians of children who are in full time education; most families in the U.K qualify for child tax credits. Usually the amount you receive will depend on the number of children you have; payments for the first child are usually about £20 per week while those for subsequent children may be slightly lower.

Working tax credit

Parents who work receive additional financial support from the Government; the amount you receive will depend on your household income and the number of children you have. People with a low income may also qualify for tax credits.

Incapacity benefit

This is a form of financial support for those who are under the state pension age and are unable to work on medical grounds. Short-term benefits are usually about £70 per week, while long-term payments are slightly higher.

Disability living allowance

This payment is made to those with physical and mental disabilities who are under the age of 65; this payment may contribute to buying new equipment, additional medical care and general living costs.

Council tax benefit

These benefits are for those who pay council tax but are on a low wage, have no savings and are not entitled to pension payments.

Housing benefits

This is for people who pay rent and have a low annual income. Details of all the financial support available to families are available on the Government’s DirectGov website.


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